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How Marketing Technology Providers Resell Localized Digital Advertising To SMBs At Scale

Evocalize Webinar - 4.29.21 - FB

In the post-cookie era, businesses who use customer data in their digital advertising programs will have a sizable advantage in reaching and converting new customers. But many SMBs lack the expertise required to execute these sophisticated marketing programs, putting them at a significant disadvantage.

Marketing technology providers are well-positioned to solve this problem using deeply integrated solutions.

BoomTown ROI, real estate’s leading Marketing Automation Platform, provided 30,000+ SMBs with an “easy button,” enabling them to quickly launch Facebook Advertising programs using their customer data to capture local market share.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How BoomTown unlocked first-party data through its CRM and website pixels  to expand the capabilities of its marketing technology, and how it was able to offer SMBs an “easy button” for Facebook Advertising.
  • Go-to-market and adoption strategies to increase SMB usage of the Facebook Advertising tool.
  • How Boomtown measures results with its new embedded tool, and the type of results SMBs are seeing from their programs.

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