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LIVE | September 20 - 21, 2021

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Workplaces in Transition

The way we work has changed forever. From communication, culture, to commuting, we need to rethink today's workplaces to better serve organizations and employees as they evolve. Join leaders in HR, Real Estate, and SaaS as they re-approach the workday of the future.

Sandy Lohr, Matchcraft
Matt Duncan, Microsoft


Post-Pandemic: Embracing the ‘Near Me’ Customer Experience

While there is now a stronger tendency to start every purchase online, consumers are more locally directed in their behavior than ever. Location-based businesses can’t expect to simply return to the ‘old status quo’ and survive. The winners will be those who think about new ways to reconnect with consumers in both the digital and physical world we live in. This session will draw on new survey data and practical real-world customer examples from multi-location businesses.

Nick Hedges, Momentfeed (a Uberall company)


Networking Break


Fireside Chat: Afif Khoury

Afif Khoury is both an entrepreneur and venture capitalist that has maintained a focus on digital and social media SaaS solutions. While most of us know him as the CEO and founder of SOCi, he also manages Scatter Ventures. With the experienced Afif at the helm, SOCi has raised over $117M to fuel its growth, including an $80M series D round closed in January of this year. Most recently SOCi acquired Brandify to solidify its position as what is arguably the largest localized marketing platform globally. Join us as we sit down with Afif and explore the chapters of the SOCi journey.

Afif Khoury, SOCi


Marketplaces - For Real or Fad for Local?

We all survey the local marketplace world - looking for compelling marketplaces. But are they really critical to SMB/local like they are in enterprise or is it just smoke? What companies are really killing it in marketplaces and what’s the underlying driver of success.

Ed Martin, Unity
Jeff Tomlin, Vendasta


Pivoting with Agility

During a dynamic time for the world, we’ve seen tech and media companies rewrite their product road maps, listening to the prioritized needs of their customers. Is the shift to customer-centric development sustainable? Will fast-tracked product development itself reveal new methods to accelerate cycles and speed-to-market?

Kim Little, Newfold Digital
John Foreman, Podium


Lunch + Networking


Frictionless Commerce

Whether selling B2B or B2C, SMBs are looking to take the friction out of customer interactions. Facebook's Digital Retail Lead for Automotive, Trevor King shares insight and innovation on creating a more memorable customer journey.

Trevor King, Facebook


The Evolution of NLP

Smart speakers, smart remotes, in-car assistants have all evolved due to advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP). But what is the role of voice in local commerce and how can businesses leverage the true power of conversation?

Christian Ward, YEXT


Journey to 150k SMBs

In this conversation, Maria Pergolino will talk about the journey that ActiveCampaign is on. If you ask around the local industry, few insiders would put ActiveCampaign on the top of the list of heavyweights. But ever so slowly, the company has acquired some 150,000 small businesses for their website and marketing platform. Pergolino, ActiveCampaign’s CMO, will share their receipe for success which is centered on optomizing the customer experience.

Maria Pergolino, Active Campaign


Networking Break


Frictionless Commerce: Ideas in Practice

Reducing consumer friction and increasing engagement through personalized conversations is the next frontier in digital commerce. Our panelists will dig into the practicality of implementing the technology and structures necessary to achieve a frictionless future.

Sarah Cucchiara, BrandMuscle
Ameet Kallarackal, Fisherman
Trevor King, Facebook


Partnerships that Drive Results

Marketing and advertising agencies servicing SMBs continue to look for sophisticated products that drive their clients' ad performance, demonstrate ROI on their campaigns, and better tell their story in an increasingly noisy digital landscape. Join Yelp for a discussion about their commitment to building targeted, hyper-local advertising solutions that generate real results, and hear from Scorpion about how they've leveraged partnerships to drive leads and revenue for their local business clients.

Drew Canniff, Yelp
Jamie Adams, Scorpion


Evolution of the Marketing Platform

Today’s agencies and internal marketing groups are looking for increased automation, efficiency, and campaign effectiveness so their teams can focus on the things that make their business move forward and capture new market opportunities. How do you effectively scale marketing campaigns across thousands of SMBs, franchisees, and brand locations?

Ryan Stackable, AdPlorer
Spencer Smith, Evocalize


Networking Reception (Exhibit Hall)


TAO Rooftop Event* (The Highlight Room)

6417 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

*proof of vaccination or negative covid test required for TAO event

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Day 2
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Agencies Meeting the Moment

With the pandemic having permanently changed consumer behavior, digital marketing agencies have adapted to help brands, franchises and SMBs continue to connect with new and existing customers. However, success is about more than connecting, it is about creating innovative ways to engage in a two-way conversation. Our agency panelists will discuss what is working for local media, ecommerce platforms, CRM solutions and more.

Kevin Hill, Ansira
Courtney Acuff, Ansira


Chat, SMS and the Next Frontier in Customer Engagement

Earning a new customer is one feat, it's quite another to keep them engaged. Email, Push notifications, Chat and SMS are continuing to drive customer value and enhance digital commerce. But is it overkill or an under utilized asset by SMBs.

Randall Turner, GoSite
David Lehman, Birdeye
Chris Sampson, Amazon


Networking Break


Discovery to Transaction: Transformation in the New Age of Commerce

As economies closed overnight, Wix witnessed massive changes in how 210M+ SMBs adapted the way they communicated with their customers and ran their businesses. In this discussion, Matt Matergia will highlight changes in consumer expectations across the globe, and Wix’s expansion from online presence to a complete digital solution that is empowering SMBs to thrive with the new main street.

Matt Matergia, WIX


M&A Roundtable

Let's talk money. We are bringing together leading investors from our community to talk about recent events in local commerce and developing trends that will shape the marketplace over the next 5 years.

Carey Ransom, Operate
Josh Scherman, B2B Software Advisors
Shaun Duncan, Riverside Technology Capital Partners


Privacy 2021

CCPA went into effect in 2020 and the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) will go into effect in 2023. States like Virginia continue to pass their own laws, with the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA) having passed into law in 2021. It is becoming ever more challenging for local marketers to keep pace with these changes in order to capture, securely store and legally utilize the data needed to conduct business. What does it all mean and what does the future hold?

James Ward, Ward PLLC


Lunch + Networking


Trends in SMB Ecommerce Adoption

An online presence has been a must for SMB owners for years, but until recently most owners viewed their websites as little more than an advertising medium. Over the past year SMBs have rapidly evolved to meet the digital first consumer and have implement a business-digital strategy. This shift to an e-commerce world has had its own share of challenges, such as syncing up with both online and offline purchase activity

Jason Tabeling, Airtank
Itai Sadan, Duda


The Future of Payments

The pandemic has forced a major shift in how we buy things, with eCommerce and 'contactless everything’ dominating the conversation. But well before Covid, a transformation in how we finance and pay for purchases was taking root. And while Buy Now, Pay Later’s adoption may have been accelerated by the pandemic, its roots are in an earlier intergenerational shift in attitudes toward credit and debt. This shift has massive implications for fintech, retail, eCommerce, and much more. Our panelists will dig deeper into why this transformation is taking place, and what it means for our local ecosystem.

Bill Sedgwick, Pinnacle Cart
Mike Cohen, Square
David Galvan, Mastercard


Democratization of Video Advertising

Video, video, everywhere. The availability of video networks and DIY creator tools is nearly endless, creating both opportunity and noise in the marketplace. We'll hear from video advertising experts, creatives, platforms and agencies on how to break through the rush to video and find success among what's new and what's next.

Kayla Kurtz, CLIX
Jonathan Mellinger, BrkThru Digital


Networking Break


What's Driving the Next Generation of Ad Platforms

With the growth in OTT/CTV viewership how are SBMs navigating the growing number of ad supported options?

David Di Angelo, inMobi


Future-proofing Digital Advertising

The digital advertising space is constantly changing with new regulations, new policies and new restrictions. How do you know if you’re prepared for the impending changes?! In this session we’re going to talk about future-proofing your digital advertising. We’ll dig into how audience targeting is going to change, how to move closer to a single audience and how to speak to that same audience across multiple platforms (Display, Search, Video and even OTT/CTV) and multiple devices, all while being 100% compliant. Don’t let worry from impending changes keep you from sleeping at night!

Rosie O'Meara, GroundTruth
Sok Verdery, Comporium


The Metaverse Comes to Main Street: AR & Local  Commerce

AR's central function is to augment the physical world. That means that geo-location will be a key ingredient in AR's actualization as a local search and discovery tool. How will location intelligence, SMB marketing and other staples of local commerce play a role in fulfilling AR's promise?

Rafaella Camera, Epic Games
Ankit Patel, Foursquare


Networking Reception (Exhibit Hall)


Poolside Cocktail Party  (Loews Hollywood)

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