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Los Angeles, CA | April 25 - 27, 2022

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Schedule of Events (MEZZANINE LEVEL)

Day 1

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Websites: Building Today for Tomorrow’s Experience

CMS platforms still underperform when it comes to speed ... not to mention, customers expect to use analytics, booking, eCommerce and other capabilities while still delivering a fast-loading website. What if you could turn this into your advantage? This session will address the challenges SMBs face in terms of website readiness and optimization for speed, how to turn these challenges into opportunities and potential impact on conversions and ultimately sales.

Russ Jeffery, Director of Strategic Integrations - Duda


Scalable Content Creation + Programmatic Video = The Perfect Match

Publishers, brands and media companies believe in the power of video advertising but often do not have a scalable content solution or a programmatic platform to build and manage video ad campaigns. Over the last five years, Simpli.fi and Spectrio have teamed up to solve both challenges. Join this session to learn how to unlock the true potential of video advertising.

Jimmy Hunt, VP Channel Sales - Spectrio

Jae Scarborough, VP Enterprise & Channel Sales – Simpli.Fi


Networking Break


The Not-Talked-About Secret to Hypergrowth: Acceleration Through Customer Experience

We’ve all heard what it takes to be a company that achieves hypergrowth, which includes but is not limited to: employees working 24/7, high turnover, rush for funding, scandals and growth at all costs. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Maria Pergolino, CMO of ActiveCampaign, will outline in this session how companies can achieve hypergrowth by focusing on the customer experience.

Maria Pergolino, CMO - ActiveCampaign


Succeeding in Digital Sales Transformation at a Local Level

In this “fireside chat” with iHeartMedia’s EVP of Digital, we will discuss the execution of diverse digital solutions and the continued resource transformation to deliver. How to manage an ever changing digital suite of products across one of the largest local sales organizations in the country. We will explore what is working and what has not. And of course how iHeartMedia’s owned and operated radio stations, digital properties and apps, podcasts and live events all fit within a holistic local media strategy.

Jonathan Faulkner, EVP Digital - iHeartMedia


Leadership Roundtable

Great leaders often come into their own in the face of adversity - the past couple of years have brought out the best in these leaders and the organizations they lead. Through mergers, acquisitions, funding, and pivots, our panelists share and bare all with up and coming leaders in local.

Kevin Jasper, CEO - Hibu
Sandy Lohr, CEO - Matchcraft
Joe Fuca, CEO - Reputation
Julia Cook, CXO - Scorpion


Lunch + Networking


Private Equity Led Transformation: The Origin Story of Newfold Digital

What happens when you bring two powerhouse online presence companies together? In the case of Newfold Digital, a big win for small business owners worldwide. Newfold's CMO shares a unique origin story, showing how two major industry players – Web.com Group and Endurance International Group – came together to build on their strengths, address weaknesses and help millions of customers around the globe achieve online success. This isn’t just the story of a merger – it’s a case study on the unifying power of continual customer focus.

Paula Drum, CMO - Newfold Digital


The Everchanging Payments Ecosystem

It wasn't that long ago when we lived in a world of cash or credit, but now businesses of all sizes have to grapple with so many more options ranging from buy now pay later to mobile payments, cash and credit. Join us for a fireside chat with Stuart Finkelstein, EVP, Mastercard Data Services to explore where the world of payments is trending, the rise of buy now pay later options used by younger demographics and what all this means for your local business customers.

Stuart Finkelstein, EVP - Mastercard Data Services


Networking Break


Navigating the Continued Financial Challenges Wrought by the Pandemic

Facing unprecedented challenges brought on by the pandemic, many local service providers have learned to digitize, managing to not only survive but thrive. In this session, Scorpion's COO sits down with local services provider customers to discuss how small businesses can overcome the many challenges they face with examples of how some savvy owners have been able to continue to grow against all odds.

Raj Ramanan, COO – Scorpion

Shana Krisan, VP Marketing - Goldfish Swim School

Janis Jarosz, VP Marketing - Christian Brothers Automotive


Customer Journeys: From Search to Decisions

Every customer journey begins with a question. Unfortunately, at the same time, the world is drowning in too much information that is either incorrect or not sourced from the business owners themselves. This session will explore game theory and decision science for insights into how every business can transform their customer experience.

Christian Ward, CDO - Yext


Get Out the Map: Finding the ROI of Local SEO

Local SEO is equal parts logic & magic. It doesn’t have concrete metrics like paid search which can make it difficult to understand and to find the ROI for your Local SEO strategy. With multiple data sources to pull from it can be difficult to find where to start and what data is most important. Colleen’s session is the map every local marketer can follow to turn data into a successful report.

Colleen Harris, Head of BI - Ansira


Third-Party Data Still Has Role In Privacy Conscious Marketing

First-party data, while immensely powerful and essential for marketers, can’t solve all critical marketer needs on its own. Privacy compliant third-party data will continue to play a critical role in marketing, but marketers will need to adapt tactics and strategies to take advantage of the changing landscape.

Spencer Smith, VP Marketing - Evocalize


Networking Reception (Exhibit Hall)

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Join Yext & Localogy for a Rooftop Event at Bar Lis in the Heart of Hollywood!

(Bar Lis, Thompson Hollywood Hotel,1541 Wilcox Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90028)

Sponsored by: yext logo-1

Yext & Localogy will be following all local COVID-19 guidelines as they are updated. Bar Lis currently requires proof of vaccination to be shown at the door.



Day 2






2022 Outlook for Marketing Agencies

2021 was a rollercoaster for many businesses, including marketing agencies. To better understand how marketing agencies are adapting to business challenges and what they anticipate facing in 2022, CallRail conducted a survey of almost 600 U.S.-based marketing professionals. In this session we will discuss key report findings, new challenges, and why agencies should adopt the latest marketing trends to meet changing client expectations.

Rob Wade, Head of Brand Activation - CallRail


The Race to All-In-One

Local businesses want it all, and then some. They are on the hunt for the easiest, all-in-one solution for Marketing, Sales, Ops, Finance, you name it. SaaS platforms are hot on the trend. This is where they're headed, but the challenges around fine-tuning their "go to market" approach and figuring out the best pricing models is what keeps SaaS leadership teams up at night. In this session we'll hear from the SaaS players racing to be the best all-in-one tool and how they are winning and retaining market share.

Gordon Henry, CSO - Thryv
Jeff Tomlin, CMO - Vendasta
Monica Ho, CMO - SOCi
Randall Turner, EVP Strategy - GoSite


Growing with TikTok

Small businesses are growing, and so is TikTok—and when the two combine forces, they have the power to drive business results in a big way. Sujatha will be joined onstage by a creator and 2 local businesses as they highlight how to engage a massive audience that's looking for the new and the next right now, shopping and buying and specifically seeking out small businesses to support.

Alexis Gallivan, Head of Engagement Marketing – TikTok
Maria Viera, Creator – YumYumFeast
Ashley Lee – Drink Sanzo


Networking Break


Pivoting With Agility

The pandemic and volatile software markets have forced us all to think differently about products, rewrite road maps and listen closer to the prioritized needs of customers. Are we now at the point where we need to find the right balance between customer-centric design and user-centric design? We'll break it down on stage with product pros.

Oren Teich, SVP Product - FourSquare
Rohan Chandran, CPO - DataAxle
Ty D'amore, VP Strategic Partenerships - AudioEye


Shift Happens: Succeeding Together Through Another Monumental Shift

Nearly 10 years ago Florian Hubner co-founded Uberall with his close friend David Federhen. The company's founding mission was to connect local consumers to businesses. Today, this mission has never been more important. As we all prepare for the next chapter in the aftermath of a global pandemic, Florian will share his learnings from the past decade and the opportunity he sees to rethink how business gets done in both the digital and real world.

Florian Hubner, CEO - Uberall


M&A Roundtable

We are bringing together leading investors from our community to talk about recent events in local commerce and developing trends that will shape the marketplace over the next 5 years.

Eric Bell, Managing Director - Progress Partners
Cary Ransom, President & Co-Founder - Operate Studio


Lunch + Networking


The Emergence of Visual Search

If your client's leads are local, right now, innovative solution providers are setting themselves apart in hypercompetitive SMB and enterprise markets by helping clients optimize for Visual Search at scale. Join us as we dive into what Visual Search means, how it arrived, how its solved for and what success can be delivered to clients as they turn this challenge into their advantage.

Eoghan Geoghegan, SVP of BD - Aircam.ai
Nicole Povey, Product Manager - PatientPop


Localogy President’s Award

Join us as we present this inaugural award to the leader whose focus on employee and customer experience has led to even greater success in the Local marketplace and beyond.


The Future of Frictionless Commerce - How Meta & Small Business enable local at scale

Join us as Meta & the CEO of Castle Automotive, Joe Castle speak to the individual power of their platforms, combined with the complexities of serving this rapidly growing local market. This session will provide a glimpse of how Meta and SMBs are contributing to the future of frictionless commerce and how they enable local business at scale

Trace Przybylowicz, Head of Business Development, Auto Retail – Meta
Joe Castle, CEO - Castle Automotive Group



We are staring down the effective date of the most comprehensive privacy law ever: California's Consumer Privacy Rights Act, with other states taking their own position. Yet there is still no federal law, and no overall guidance from FTC on privacy. This session is about finding not only an explanation of what's going on with privacy, but why. We'll explore the regulations, the regulators, the political calculus, and -- most importantly -- what businesses can do to make privacy not just an activity for their business, but an asset.

James Ward, Managing Partner - Ward PLLC


Networking Break


Breakthrough Moments: How Welch’s and Western Union create brand experiences

The modern shopper now demands personalized, value-driven experiences on their terms, and immediately. For brands, this means throwing out their historical practices of using past behaviors to predict future ones. Instead, they need to use real-time insights to anticipate shopper needs and lead with value. Learn how leading brands Welch’s and Western Union are creating impactful mobile moments for their customers to build lifetime value and drive revenue.

Michael Della Pena, CSO - InMarket


StreetFight I: How Are Multi-Location Brands Using Data to Drive Customers In-Store?

Every marketer wants to believe their organization is data-driven, but what does it truly mean to run a data-driven digital marketing strategy for a multi-location brand in 2022? How are brands amassing data given emerging privacy regulations? Are they looking into zero-party data and expanding first-party data collection methods? Changing how they use third-party data? What kinds of data are most valuable to brands as they aim to drive online customers in-store? 

Joe Zappa, Managing Editor – StreetFight
Mike Boland, Sr. Analyst - Localogy
Kayla Dillon, Head of Marketing – Bar Louie


StreetFight II: Technology and the Multi-Location Brand

Multi-location brands are inundated with pitches from technology companies claiming to help them better understand, reach, and convert prospects into customers. How are tech companies helping brands navigate privacy regulations making collecting and storing customer data more complicated? Where is location intelligence headed as a growth driver for multi-location brands? What does the online-to-offline marketing tech stack look like?

Joe Zappa, Managing Editor – StreetFight
David Lehman, President - Birdeye
Stephanie Klimaszewski, SVP Marketing - Aki Technologies
Kevin Hill, VP Digital Strategy - Sproutloud


Networking Reception (Exhibit Hall)

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Rooftop Pool Party

(5th Floor, Rooftop, Loews Hollywood, 7551 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028)

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Day 3
7:30 AM



Analyst Recap

9:00 AM

EverCommerce Evolves

Over the last half decade, one of the most active and energetic players in the local space has been EverCommerce (EVCM). CMO Sarah Jordan has been on the journey from the days of PaySimple to today's public company. Sarah will offer her views of how EverCommerce has evolved since the early PaySimple days, how the world of local has changed since the onslaught of the pandemic and how the company is navigating the intersection of local businesses, technology and ever changing customer and consumer expectations.

Sarah Jordan, CMO - EverCommerce


Meeting Local Consumer Needs in a Dynamic Omnichannel World

The linear consumer buying journey no longer exists. It continues to be fragmented between different channels, devices and media, especially in a post pandemic world. How can multi-location businesses stay ahead of the curve and ensure they're staying at the forefront of the consumer journey? We'll explore tactics that enterprise brands can take to ensure they're local presence is optimally integrated into the consumer journey.

Edwin Nissanoff, CEO - RenderSEO

10:00 AM

A New Squeeze of Lime 

For over 20 years, Jay Bean has been building software companies with the clear objective of helping local services deliver better value to their customers. Jay will share what he has learned "to do" and "not to do" building SaaS companies for local businesses. He'll discuss how his orientation has changed since starting Orange Soda in 2006 and why he's now positioning FreshLime as a platform for assisting local businesses in the next coming age of "cookie" free marketing.

Jay Bean, CEO - FreshLime
Brent Stephenson, VP Marketing - Stephenson Associates