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Coronado Bay, CA

April 17 - 19, 2023

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State of SMB Report - 2023

Localogy regularly measures the nature and pace of technology adoption by small businesses. We will launch this year’s event with a fresh data-driven perspective on how small businesses continue to embrace new technologies, in particular SaaS tools, for everything from acquiring customers to accepting payments.

Meet the New SMB, same as the Old SMB?

There's a new breed of SMB. Fire tested and emboldened under the digital marketing and operational requirements of the pandemic, they're now primed for the Post-Covid era. Does this represent the new darwinism in the SMB world?

Ryan Cantor, Thryv    
Chad Richard, YELP    


Networking Break


Location Intelligence in a Privacy First World

Data, in particular location data, is a powerful tool. But privacy is a very powerful value. How can marketers fully leverage the power of location data in a privacy sensitive manner? We’ve asked the giants of local data to lead us out of this conundrum.

Vin Sharma, Foursquare    
Jason Sarfati,  Gravy  Analytics


Social Media Marketing - the Brand Experience

Social media marketing at the local level is a perennial challenge for brands. And agencies are continuously clamoring to make local social easier to do and more impactful for brands. A leader who helps brands crack the code on local will lay out the current state of play.

Paula Carren,  BrandMuscle
Sergio Apodaca, US Cellular


Retail's Future is in 3D

Sara Oberst, Global Head of Retail Solutions at Unity Technologies and author of the recent e-book, “Retail’s Big Shift: Real-Time 3D and the Metaverse,” will walk us through how retail brands can embrace real-time 3D technology and create Metaverse experiences that help forge new, deeper, and more personalized bonds with their customers

Sara Oberst, Unity




When Private Equity Goes Right

Private equity gets a bad rap. It’s often known for predatory investing and flipping companies for quick profit. But that’s not always the case. What’s the bright side of PE, and who’s doing it right. We go straight to the source.

Cynthia Sener, Chatmeter
Joanne Del Toro, Newfold Digital
Saurabh Goyal, Scorpion


Investor RoundTable

Investors are some of the most well-informed individuals on today’s tech and media trends. The good ones have to be, given high stakes gambles and deep diligence. What are the trends and market opportunities they’re tracking today?

Luca Sechi, Circumference Group
David Arslanian, Progress Partners


Generative AI and the Future of Local Search

Generative AI is all the rage, given high-profile disruptive tools like DALL-E2 and Chat GPT. But who will be the disrupted parties? Many are pointing to search. We talk to an expert about how AI could help or hurt search.

Christian Ward, YEXT


Networking Break


Local SEO Trends

Local SEO is for many of us a modern example of alchemy. This medieval pseudoscience has evolved to mean any creative process of creation involving a combination of art and science. Local SEO does involve real science. And also real art. We’ll ask some SEO pros to opine on what the new year promises for local SEO.

Edwin Nissanoff, RenderSEO
Jimmy Kelley, Locafy


AI From Theory to Reality

In 2020, Microsoft’s CEO recognized that the future of AI wasn’t in smart assistants like Cortana, Siri, and Alexa. Instead, Satya Nadella saw the future of computing would be in generative AI, like what is now ChatGPT. After Microsoft’s initial invested $1b investment in ChatGPT’s creator, it recently announced a follow-on $10b investment. Among other topics, this session will explore how SMBs / SMB partners can think about leveraging this new model for their advertising needs.

Aaron McGrath, Microsoft
Kelly Thomas Nojam, Microsoft


Is Chat GPT Really a Google Killer?

Who will be the disrupted parties by high-profile tools like Chat GPT? Many are pointing to search. We talk to SEO experts about how AI could help or hurt search.

Justin Kazwell, Copy.AI
Colton Miller, Local SEO Guide
Krystal Taing, Uberall


Exhibit Hall Reception


Cocktail Party

Climb aboard the California Spirit docked just outside the Loews Coronado Bay Resort-- a 158-foot, three story yacht that will take you on a calm ride around the bay with 360-degree views of the San Diego skyline and Bay Bridge.
Network with industry peers, while enjoying appetizers, sweet treats and cocktails.

Boarding will begin at 6PM, and the boat will return at 9:30PM.

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Day 2
8:00 AM



Day 1 Recap


Decentralizing Marketing Services in Today’s Decentralized Workplace

One reality that few can deny is that the modern workplace has become highly decentralized. Any given team at any given company is likely to be a mixture of office-bound, hybrid, and per WFH employees. Yet another key workplace discipline – marketing – has not followed suit. However,  it needs to in order to be effective in this new environment. This conversation will reveal why this is such an urgent imperative for businesses at every size and stage.

Mike Fortes, Berkshire HomeServices
Craig Hagopian, Chalk Digital


Anatomy of the Product Development Cycle

How do SaaS products get built? We probably all think we kind of know how this works. We’ve gathered some product pros and veterans to walk us through the product dev cycle, offering some key do’s and don'ts along the way.

David Lehman, Birdeye
Randall Turner, GrowthWare
Joel Headley , RIOSeo
Kevin Hill, Sproutloud


Networking Break


The DNA of SMB Digital Adoption

How are small businesses across the English-speaking world using new and emerging technologies to gain operating leverage? Rachel Nulman-Schapiro, VP of Product Marketing at vCita, provides the answers based on a new global small-business survey.

Rachel Nulman-Schapiro, vCita


Keynote: The New Normal -  Diversity, Engagement and Belonging

Diversity underpins all aspects of corporate strategy, including product design and go-to-market approaches that benefit from versatile ideation. What is one representative leader in the tech and local commerce worlds doing to cultivate and execute this playbook? We hear from Yelp’s CDO about how it’s done.

Miriam Warren ,  YELP


Meeting SMBs Where They Are

As small businesses look to grow, they often rely on local referral sources for recommendations on products and services. If you are a brand serving small businesses, partnering with local organizations and associations can be a great way to engage with small business owners and entrepreneurs. Wendi Caplan-Carroll of Square Biz will lead this conversation along with two SMB brands.

Michelle Winnett, Ruby Receptionist
Wendi Caplan, SquareBiz
Israel Serna, Digital Marketing  Consultant


Lunch - Taco Tuesday

Sponsored by: Chalk Digital_Company Logo


Applying the Art of Social

Often the most impactful disciplines are as much art as they are science in their effective implementation. Social media is arguably one such discipline. We’ve assembled a powerhouse panel of social media marketing leaders to explore how the art of social is best applied to help brands of all sizes win.

Erin Strong, SVP Strategic Marketing, BrandMuscle
Sandy Lohr, CEO, Matchcraft
Monica Ho, CMO, SOCi


Growing with TikTok

TikTok has emerged as one of the best places to build a large audience quickly. This is as true for quirky creators as it is for brands and small businesses. We will hear from a TikTok representative plus a few local SMBs using TikTok to build a following and grow their businesses.

Melanie Rhoads, TikTok


Keynote: The Future Starts with Effective Collaboration

What’s the past, present, and future of workplace productivity? In a remote world, the playbook has changed. Ro.am is pushing the boundaries of that new playing field. We’ll hear straight from the source, including an interactive demo and strategic dialogue with serial innovator Howard Lerman.

Howard Lerman,  Roam


Networking Break


How Franchise Brands Are Embracing Emerging Tech

Franchise organizations are a key player in localized marketing. A marketing exec with a West Coast franchise brand will join forces with a digital agency to review the state of the art in localized marketing by franchise brands, driven by case studies and examples showing how leading edge technologies and platforms are helping franchise brands scale.

Andrew Beckman, Location 3
Michelle McKee, Annex Brands


Driving OOH Success

Bridging the gap between creative content and OOH, this panel will feature executives from Sony and Spectrio, discussing the importance of creative and its role in the strategy behind digital signage and digital out of home. 

Jimmy Hunt, Spectrio
Jay Leedy, Sony


Location Marketing Jeopardy

So you know all there is to know about location marketing. Are you ready to put that knowledge to the test?  Join us for this fun filled session to prove your smarts in categories ranging from Local SEO to Local Social Commerce. 


Exhibit Hall Reception

Sponsored by: uberall-1


Cocktail Party

DJ Sponsored by: DSG_Company Logo_V2-1

Day 3
8:00 AM



The Future of Alternative Payments

Alternative payments" is the growing body of payment methodologies that help consumers make purchases without using revolving credit and help merchants (online and offline) make sales they might not make otherwise. This includes Buy Now, Pay Later, and emerging alternatives like Save Now, Buy Later. This session explores the state of play in alternative payments and other key fintech trends with an industry leader.

Mike Cohen, Square


The Local Outlook for Web3 and Digital Currency

Vinny Lingham has built a powerful brand as a serial entrepreneur and television personality. While currently the founder and CEO of Waitroom, Vinny is also a renowned figure in the blockchain community as the chair and co-founder of Civic, which uses blockchain for decentralized identity verification. Don’t miss this wide-reaching, tech-forward conversation with a legendary entrepreneur.

Vinny Lingham, Waitroom


Digital Accessibility - Partnering to help SMBs 

Our panelists will discuss the importance of digital accessibility for SMBs. Providing a scalable solution of these SMBs and the agencies that support them, was the initial reason for their partnership. Leaders from AudioEye and Duda will discuss how their partnership has evolved over time and how the respective strengths of each company contributed to the success of the partnership.

Ty D'Amore, Audioeye
Russ Jeffrey, Duda


Analyst Wrap Up

The L23 conference moderators bring the conference to a close with a  fast-paced recap of the event’s most compelling themes, assertions, and “a-ha” moments. What will Localogy’s analysts be thinking and writing about in the weeks and months that follow the conference based in what was said on the L23 stage?

Mike Boland, Localogy
Dan Hight, Localogy
Charles Laughlin, Localogy



End of Conference