Localogy Leaders Award White

2020 Honorees

“Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it.”

Bill Cowher
Pittsburgh Steelers

Local businesses need our support more than ever. As the world continues to grapple with the impact of and changes brought on by COVID-19, leaders in tech and media, from agencies and brands are stepping up in big ways.


2020 Localogy Leaders Award Recipients

Howard Lerman


Joe Walsh


Eric Mayhew

President and Chief Product Officer

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COMING 10/28! Localogy Leaders: David Shim of Foursquare

"By keeping the legacy of each brand and the value propositions they deliver, what it really becomes is one plus one plus one now equals six." As the CEO of location analytics giant, Foursquare,...

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LocalAgency: Cultivating Operational Innovation - Featuring Matchcraft CEO, Sandy Lohr

MatchCraft's CEO Sandy Lohr chats with Localogy Analyst Charles Laughlin about building a sustainable digital agency, from company culture to cutting-edge strategy.   In this conversation, Sandy will...

Localogy Leaders Video

Localogy Leaders: Featuring Martin Senn of Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

Has COVID-19 changed WFH and small businesses as we know it? Martin Senn, CEO and Co-Founder of Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, says yes. Started in 2006, Davinci saw firsthand how big events like...

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