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The Ever-Expanding Website Bundle

The New Gateway Drug for SMB Online Services

Want eComm with That?

In Today's Web Services Marketplace, Everything is Bundled and Everything is Shoppable

SaaS and social platforms are joining forces to transform SMB product/service buying and selling.

Website platforms that added an eCommerce feature to their website bundles have seen an increase in SMB new and retained SMB customers.
As demand for web services increases among post-COVID SMBs, SaaS platforms engage with an unprecedented M&A boom as the answer to the ultimate question of build vs. buy.

In this report we dig into:

  • Why your future as an SMB provider is all about shoppability
  • Social selling + Social shopping lead the charge
  • What's behind the urgency to add more features and more functions than ever before?
  • and so much more!

How could your website bundle transform the year of the eCart?

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