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Did you know 90% of customers begin an online search query with no idea what brand they want? Yet 76% of them buy within 24 hours of typing in generic words like “coffee near me” or “car wash open now.”

How can small businesses take advantage of these search queries to win against local competition?

On September 10, Localogy’s Charles Laughlin will welcome Senior Market Insights Expert Brad Fagan from Uberall to offer tips for optimizing branded and unbranded search. Brad will also share findings from Uberall’s latest research report: Branded vs. Unbranded Search: Is it Better to be Known or Found?

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • How local businesses can take advantage of global search trends and behaviors
  • How to optimize for branded and unbranded search to win more customers
  • How both brands and small businesses compete at the local level 

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