Modern Commerce Monitor Wave 6.1 Topline Report

Report Outlines Opportunities in the Battle to Win SMB Hearts and Share of Usage

While 85% of SMBs utilize at least one online tool to manage critical business processes, opportunities emerge in expanding that number, and/or shifting them to emerging all-in-one platforms.

MCM Wave 6.1 Page Snapshot
MCM Wave 6.1 Page Snapshot
MCM Wave 6.1 Page Snapshot

SMBs are Thriving Online in a Post-COVID Economy...

But New, Key Battle Grounds are Emerging for SaaS Providers.

Are You Prepared to Win?

In this exclusive report, SMBs tell THEIR story.

  • The next wave of online tools they're vetting
  • Remote convenience has given way to efficiency in time and money
  • Why communication is key in this next evolution of SMB usage
  • ... and so much more.

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