Localogy + Mono Solutions Presents

Do What With Me?

Defining the Optimal Service Model for Small Businesses and Their Digital Presence Solutions

"Service as a Differentiator" Sounds Great - But What Kind of Services Should You Offer?

In October 2020, we looked for answers straight from the source - small business operators - asking what level of service they want from software companies.

Our Research Provides Answers to These Essential Questions Within the Framework of 3 Service Models:

  • Do-it-Yourself (DIY)

  • Do-it-With-Me (DIWM)

  • Do-it-For-Me (DIFM)

For our members and friends that provide digital solutions - this is a must-read. It will serve as a roadmap to understanding what "as a service" really means to your small business customers - in the context of a quickly evolving landscape.

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