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May 17, 2021

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Self-Driving Auto Sales

The car buying experience is undergoing a truly tectonic shift toward a self-driven sales process, leaving local dealerships scrambling to keep up with innovative operations, marketing, and advertising tactics to better earn local business.

Join David Liniado, former VP of Growth at Cox Automotive, for a discussion on the state of the industry and how auto dealerships are pivoting to meet consumer expectations at a hyper-local level.


  • David Liniado, Co-founder and Partner, 19Y Advisors

The Drive-Thru Effect for Restaurants

Consumer behavior changed overnight, and restaurants had to react. How have local restaurants successfully adopted technologies first leveraged and perfected by large national brands, and how will these technologies shift the trajectory of overall local consumer engagement and expectation?


  • Alicia Kelso, Senior Contributor, Forbes

  • Ethan Chernofsky, VP of Marketing,

Level Up: The Programmatic Opportunity in Mobile Games

Mobile Games are an underappreciated marketing opportunity. Gaming is larger than sports in the US and bigger than the Hollywood industry. What does this mean for advertisers trying to reach an increasingly diverse audience?


  • Offer Yehudai, President, Fyber

  • Rudi Bonaparte, Riot Games

TikTok is for Real

With 20% of the US population on TikTok, this is a social platform that cannot be ignored. Beyond the lip sync videos and viral recipes, how are marketers leveraging the platform to win share of mobile time and local attention?


  • Rebecca Sawyer, Head of SMB & Operations - Global Business Solutions, TikTok

Unlocking the Data Needed to Match Our 3D World

New 3D mapping capabilities and z-axis data elements will help provide more context and unlock new opportunities for consumers and developers alike.


  • Ganesh Pattabiraman, NextNav

  • Herve Utheza, HERE Technologies

Have Payments Changed Forever?

Payment options have been changing over the years and in today’s world safety and security are paramount. Consumers want to know - who has my data? is it secure? Pros and Cons vary and shift with every new platform and currency. How do businesses navigate these crucial changes?


  • David Weis, Sr. Product Manager for Payments, ROKU

  • Elina Greenstein, Director, Partnership Sales, Mastercard

The Grocery Store of Tomorrow

Buying groceries has had a shift with more delivery and pick up at the store due to COVID. How are retailers dealing with this and is this here to stay?

Providing the retailer’s perspective will be Peapod Digital Labs, the ecommerce engine of Ahold Delhaize USA, one of the nation’s largest grocery retail groups. Ahold Delhaixe’s brands include supermarket chains Food Lion, Giant Food, GIANT Food Stores, Hannaford, Stop & Shop, and the country’s leading online grocer, Peapod.


  • Joseph Dressler, GM - ADUSA, Quotient

  • Mark Williamson, VP and Head of Media Partnerships, Peapod Digital Labs

Location Data is Bringing About the Next Wave of the Customer Experience

In today's ever-increasing data-driven world, brands are following consumers' lead by leveraging location data to provide better search, consideration, and purchase experiences. What is novel today is quickly becoming an expectation, leaving SMBs struggling to understand the shift and implement the tools to keep up.


  • Matt Russo, CMO, Gimbal

Your Voice is More Powerful than You Think

Voice platforms are changing how engage with the world from creating shopping lists to scheduling doctor appointments.


  • To Be Announced

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Speakers Include:

Rebecca Sawyer

Head of SMB and Operations - Global Business Solutions

Offer Yehudai


Alicia Kelso

Senior Contributor

Ganesh Pattabiraman

Founder and CEO

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