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The Real-World Metaverse

September 13 - 14 | YEXT HQ, NYC

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Schedule of Events

Day 1

Keynote: Metaverse in Action Today

Over the next decade, the metaverse will enable the next generation of online social experiences ... more engaging and immersive than we ever thought imaginable. To bring this in focus, we will explore how businesses are innovating and experimenting using today’s products and tools, which will be foundational as we look to the years ahead.

Matthew Christensen, Meta


The AHA Moment: Localizing Content

One of the core principles of the 'real-world metaverse' is bringing digital depth to local waypoints. And that starts with localizing content.

Donny Dye, Tiger Pistol


Transactions in the Metaverse: A Fireside Chat with Square

How will today's payment infrastructure take form in tomorrow's shifting digital landscape? We'll hear from the SMB payment gurus at Square about what they're building.

Mike Cohen, Square


Networking Break


Case Study: Meta-data in the Real World

How are location intelligence leaders like GroundTruth gearing up for the real-world metaverse? We'll show rather than tell with case studies.

Rosie O'Meara, GroundTruth

4:30 PM

Keynote: Music and the Metaverse

The real-world metaverse isn't just a visual endeavor. What are opportunities to deliver intelligent and location-relevant audio?

Jonathan Faulkner, iHeartMedia
Brooke Henderson, Yext


Immersive Digital Experiences for the Physical World

Though the metaverse is often discussed as an online/virtual endeavor, the real opportunity is to bring digital dimension to main street. The question is how?

Stephanie Gutnik, Yahoo
Nathan Elliott, Frontrunner
Jimmy Hunt, Spectrio

5:30 PM

Networking Reception

6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Rooftop Event at the YEXT HQ

Sponsored by: Yext_Seal_R_Standard_Black


Day 2
8:15 AM



Local and the Metaverse

The metaverse is more than AR and VR. What are the opportunities for brands and marketers today. How can local brands prepare for the metaverse and what will this mean for local marketing.

Jason Tabeling, Airtank


Mapping: The Center of the Real-World Metaverse

The new often builds from the old... And that's the case with Google's 3D/AR navigation, which taps into its core mapping assets. We'll hear directly from the source.

Mohit Moondra, Google


Measuring the Impacts of the Ever Changing Digital Media Landscape

Media and tech evolution continues to accelerate. How will today's digital media landscape look in the age of the real-world metaverse?

Jeff Hastedt, Brkthru Digital


Networking Break


Privacy: The Gateway to a Metaverse

We will explore the kind of data that will be meaningful, how to identify valuable insights, and how to think carefully about data and privacy in a space that is almost certain to be highly regulated. Most businesses aren't thinking much about CCPA/CPRA, let alone GDPR.

James Ward, Ward PLLC


Finding Phygital:  Adding Digital Depth to the Physical World

How will devices know when to activate localized immersive content. It's all about spatial understanding and even good-old QR codes.

Scot Frank, Foursquare
Omead Sinai, Rock Paper Reality
Ed Morris, Zappar




Physical Places & Digital Spaces: Constructing the Real World Metaverse

Having digital content anchored to the places all around us is a compelling vision, but will take some work. What are the use cases and ingredients for a real-world metaverse?

Matt Lacuesta, Milestone Internet
Anil Cheriyadat, Sturfee


Moving from the ‘Who’ to the ‘When’ & ‘Where’

The real-world metaverse needs location data to anchor immersive content to the right places. InMarket has been building up to this moment for years.

Michael Della Penna, InMarket


Networking Break


The Agency Perspective

Will the real-world metaverse present new methods and modalities for brand and SMB marketing? Agencies will have a front-row seat.

Wendi Caplan-Carroll, Square Biz
Kate Conroy, New Jersey Business & Industry Association
Petia Abdur-Razzaq, The Stylista Group

3:30 PM

The 15 Minute City: The European Perspective on the Human Centric Metaverse

Media and tech evolution continues to accelerate. How will today's digital media landscape look in the age of the real-world metaverse?

Eva Balmaks, Winkt

4:00 PM

End of Conference