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Schedule of Events

Day 1
8:00 AM

Registration Desk and Exhibit Hall Opens

9:00 AM

Powerful Insights your Brand can get from Payment Data

9:30 AM

Unique New Approaches to Contextual Advertising

10:00 AM

How to Map the Blur of Physical and Digital

10:30 AM

Networking Break - Exhibit Hall

11:00 AM

StreetFight Presents: 5 Multi-Location Trends That Every Marketer Must Know

11:30 AM

Measuring the Digital Divide: ROI Online and Offline

12:00 PM

How Generative AI will Affect Your Marketing

12:30 PM


1:30 PM

Is One-to-One Targeting Over?

2:00 PM

Beyond Retail: Indoor Screens and the Customer Journey

2:30 PM

StreetFight Presents: What’s Near Me? The Good, Bad & Ugly of MULO Expansion Today

3:00 PM

Networking Break - Exhibit Hall

3:30 PM

The New Direct Mail: What You Need to Know

4:00 PM

Search Redefined

4:30 PM

AR in the Real World

5:00 PM

Networking Reception - Exhibit Hall

6:00 PM

Cocktail Party