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Day 1
8:00 AM

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9:00 AM

Powerful Insights From Payment Data: Unlocking the Secrets for Brands

Understanding how payments are made, both in the physical world and online, can provide valuable insights into customers' true intentions. By utilizing aggregated and anonymized payment data, brands can gain valuable perspectives that can be utilized to enhance our content creation, store planning, and advertising strategies.

Elina Greenstein, Mastercard

9:30 AM

Unique New Approaches to Contextual Advertising

Join us for an engaging fireside conversation with Vericast as we delve into the realm of contextual advertising in a world where privacy is paramount. Explore how we can seamlessly bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

Hans Fischmann, Vericast

Session Sponsored by: Broadsign

10:00 AM

How to Map the Blur of Physical and Digital

This session with Google will explore cutting-edge innovations, from immersive heads-up overlays to advanced indoor mapping and seamless navigation solutions. Let's unravel the complexities of the modern world and address logistical challenges with Mohit's expertise and insights.

Mohit Moondra, Google

10:30 AM

Networking Break

11:00 AM

StreetFight Presents: 5 Multi-Location Trends That Every Marketer Must Know

The power of the consumer has evolved over the years. In today's digital age, it's not just the consumer, but also their devices that play a crucial role. Multi-location brands are not only vying against each other, but they are also faced with the challenge of triumphing over local brands and online sellers in the fierce "street fight". 

Bennett Maxwell, Dirty Dough Cookies
Craig Winning, BatBox
Andrew McCarthy, Aikito
Emily Steele, Hummingbirds
Nancy Shenker, StreetFight

Session Sponsored by: devhub-1

11:30 AM

Beyond Retail: Indoor Screens and the Customer Journey

In-store screens have a wide range of applications that extend beyond retailers. They have the potential to benefit the service industry, restaurant industry, and hospitality. Let's delve into the diverse use cases that go beyond traditional retailers.

Chris Cunningham, Spectrio
Karim Kanji, Broadsign

Session Sponsored by: P_vericast

12:00 PM

Building Blocks More Crucial Now With Generative AI

As the utilization of OpenAI and ChatGPT continues to soar, the demands and expectations of customers will escalate, emphasizing the utmost importance of precise base Listing information and POI

Stu Kendall, Foursquare
Kelly Benish, Uberall

12:30 PM


1:30 PM

Fireside Chat: iHeartMedia

Ray Tejeda (iHeartMedia) has over 25+ years of experience in both creating & generating sponsorship revenue from all sides of the business.  Join us for a fireside chat as we discuss creating innovative assets and developing strategies for sponsorship partners through holistic advertising solutions that drive audience engagement and results for customers.

Ray Tejeda, iHeartMedia

2:00 PM

How Generative AI is Revolutionizing the Digital Landscape 

Generative AI is revolutionizing the digital landscape. This new frontier is moving us from traditional keyword-based monologues to trust-centric dialogues, creating a paradigm shift in how brands engage with consumers. By harnessing the power of AI-driven dialogues, marketers can usher in a more personalized and transparent era, where consumers are engaged, understood, and valued.

Christian Ward, Yext

2:30 PM

StreetFight Presents: What’s Near Me? The Good, Bad & Ugly of MULO Expansion Today

As a CMO or marketing leader, understanding the intricacies of local SEO may not be necessary. But, consumers rely on their small screens and voices to guide their daily choices on what to eat, what to buy, and where to go. It's all about finding those MULO (multi-location) brands that perfectly cater to our needs and desires - conveniently.

Louisa Schneider, Rowan
Nancy Shenker, StreetFight

Session Sponsored by: devhub-1

3:00 PM

Networking Break

3:30 PM

AI Impacting Hyperlocal Marketing

With the myriad of possibilities that AI opens up for enhancing customer relationships and driving marketing success,  we should be embracing AI technologies in hyperlocal marketing efforts. Explore the true potential of AI in hyperlocal marketing and how it can be harnessed to foster more meaningful connections with consumers and achieve marketing objectives more efficiently.

Sarah Hennessy, BrandMuscle
James Morse, BrandMuscle

4:00 PM

Search Redefined

Not too long ago, ChatGPT and generative AI burst into the scene, quickly becoming household names. Now, several months later, we review how the world of search is undergoing a remarkable transformation with the ascendance of generative AI. And, more importantly, we explore the profound impact this will have on the advertising ecosystem.

Kelly Thomas Nojaim, Microsoft Advertising

4:30 PM

Measuring the Digital Divide: ROI Online and Offline

Explore real-life examples showcasing the powerful influence of digital advertising in the physical world through compelling case studies.

Adrien Sossa, Adomni
Jonathan Frangakis, Reveal Mobile

5:00 PM

Networking Reception

6:00 PM

Cocktail Party

Join Yext & Localogy at Elsie Rooftop in the Heart of NYC!

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