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Advertising to the Post-COVID Local Consumer

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After 66 days, new habits become permanent. So on the other side of COVID-19, marketers will be faced with a local consumer that will have developed a preference for digital purchasing for good. And while it is very difficult for local SMBs to plan ahead right now, those who do will have a real advantage once the pandemic stabilizes.

To help you gain that edge, this webinar covers what marketers and local SMBs can expect from post-COVID consumer behavior and preferences. Plus, we’ll provide concrete steps that local advertisers can take now to reach the post-COVID consumer as social distancing measures are slowly lifted.

Your presenters Richard Couture (CTO & Co-Founder, Acquisio) and Greg Nicolle (National Capability & Performance Manager, Sensis) share their exclusive insights on leveraging adtech and helping local SMBs reach their consumers respectively.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
- What consumer behavior & needs look like during and after COVID-19
- Five things local SMBs can do today to pave their way to success when the economy bounces back.

Don’t miss true COVID-19 success stories from local businesses.

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