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The Buy it Yourself Future is Here

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Some of the leading challenges involved in selling to SMBs include high CAC and high churn. Issues that can be mitigated by sales automation.
But will small businesses purchase your product directly online?

The issues around buy-it-yourself (BIY) are complex. And the implications are profound. This webinar unpacks the current state of play in BIY.

Which products are SMBs buying today, and which still require good old fashioned human-to-human selling?

What is the best combination of automation and the human touch to optimize all the metrics that define success in selling technology to SMBs?

In this recorded webinar you'll learn the following:

  • A clear definition of what BIY is — and what it isn’t
  • Data showing just how widespread sales automation is today, and where along the buying journey it is being deployed
  • Insights on which customer segments are most likely to prefer to BIY
  • Ideas on the right combination of automation, live sales and support
  • Thoughts on how BIY will evolve in the near, mid and long term

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